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Muslim Chaplains

Mohammed Ullah is the Muslim Chaplain employed by Manchester Metropolitan University, he serves both Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester University. Mohammed has been a Chaplain at the Universities for over five years and was a student at the University of Manchester before that.

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Fatimah Ashrif is a member of the Mevlevi Sufi Order, facilitating a regular South Manchester meeting of the like-minded. With others, she leads the work of Rumi’s Circle, an inter-spiritual space which seeks to share the words and spiritual practices of the 13th century Muslim mystic, Rumi, with those of all walks of life.

She also has deep insight into British Muslim communities through her role as executive director of a grant-making charitable trust.

Fatimah is an Honorary Chaplain at St. Peter’s House and part of the One Love Team. Get in touch with Fatimah.